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Slitting machine for paper and film

  • film slitting machine

film slitting machine

  • Application: suitable for slitting and rewinding all kinds of non-glue optical materials, such as Diffusion film,Enhanced Layer film, Polarizer film,backlight film,metallized film, laser film.
    Technical parameters:
    Effective slitting width: 1300mm(1600mm)
    Maximum Unwinding diameter:1000mm
    Rewinding diameter: φ500mm
    rewinding moden: pneumatic shaft or Slip ring
    Minimum cutting width: 30mm
    Machine speed: 200m/min
      Total Power: 6KW
      Dimensions:2.5 × 2. 1 × 1.5M
      Weight: 2300KG

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Technical parameters:
1,the speed can be adjusted according to different materials
2,Electronic touch screen central control, easy operation,
3,Imported synchronous belt drive to achieve low-noise high-speed,
4,PLC automatic tension, smooth rolling, anti scratch, anti-static
5,Depending on the material can choose straight knife or circular knife
6,Optional add automatic alignment device and automatic feeding device

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