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Coating Machine

  • High speed BOPP tape coating machine

High speed BOPP tape coating machine

  • Application:suitable for BOPP packing tape.
    Technical Parameters:
    Effective width:1300mm(1600mm)
    Speed: 300M / min
    Unwinding diameter: 800mm
    coating uniformity: ± 1μ
    Rewinding uniformity: ± 2mm
    Total Power: 160HP (not include heating section)
    Oven length: 40M (according to customer requirements)
    Power: Three-phase 380V
    Machine size: 55 × 4.8 × 4.8M

  • Online orders

1. The drying oven is equipped with the high-efficiency axial flow blower featuring the high drying efficiency and also designed with the multi-zone temperature control so as to accurately control the temperature at each zone of the oven in accordance with the processing requirements.
2. Multi-stage tension control,the variable-frequency is employed and the multi-point synchronous controller is used to control synchronous operation of the unit.
3. Unwinding and rewinding unit can automatically cut and join the tape without stopping the system to feed paper,thus having a higher efficiency..
4. Using EPC alignment device is adopted so as to ensure that the edges of finished product are orderly and regular.
5. Mayer-bar Coating type. (Depending on the requirements,there are a variety of coating options such as: knife type, transfer type, textured style, mayer-bar, dimpled type, etc.)
6. There are many heating methods for choice,such as by steam,air heating stove,heat-conductive oil, electricity and etc.

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